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The Shrubbery School, Sutton Coldfield

Health and Safety

Safe Practice in Physical Education & School Sport (afPE 2012 edition) is a comprehensive guide to safe practice and managing risk in PE and should be referred to regarding any aspect of Health & Safety

When undertaking any Physical Education practical activity, reference should be made to the potential H&S risks associated with that activity. Children are to be made aware of any safety precautions required when carrying out any Physical Education activities. The class teacher should also carry out an inspection of the area before any indoor/outdoor Physical Education takes place and dealt with according to the PE and Competitive Sports Risk Assessments.

Clothing & Personal Effects – (afPE recommendations)

  • Clothing and correct attire for a particular activity represent important features of safe practice that apply in equal measures to both staff and pupils.
  • Staff should always endeavour to wear suitable footwear and clothing for practical activities and remove their personal effects, such as jewellery, to minimise the likelihood of causing or receiving injury.
  • Pupils from the earliest ages should change into suitable clothing for PE so that they can participate safely.
  • Clothing for PE and school sport should be well suited to its function. It should be light and allow good freedom of movement, but will also need to offer some insulation from cold weather in the winter months.
  • Footwear that is fit for purpose is essential. It should demonstrate effective grip, support and reasonable protection for outside work and games, contrasting with lightness and flimsiness for indoor activities such as gymnastics and dance, if worn.
  • Personal effects, such as jewellery, religious artefacts, watches, hair slides, sensory aids etc, should always be removed by pupils before participating in physical activity. Staff also need to be mindful of their own adornments.

Equipment & Resources

The majority of PE equipment is stored in the PE sheds, located on the school field, with the exception of gymnastic equipment, which is kept in the hall PE cupboard. The equipment suitability is reviewed to ensure it is appropriate to the range of ages, abilities and needs of children in order to enhance learning.

Staff and pupils are encouraged to

1. Look after resources
2. Use different resources to promote learning
3. Return all resources tidily and to the correct place (Staff to supervise)
4. Be told of any safety procedures relating to the carrying or handling of resources.