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The Shrubbery School, Sutton Coldfield

Balance Bike Training

Aspire's balance bike training is just one way that young children can develop their physical literacy and confidence.

Aimed at children in EarlyYears Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, balance bike training is delivered in your school through a six-hour programme.

Aspire will build confidence, spatial awareness and balancing skills, enabling young children to learn to ride a bike without ever needing stabilisers.

And at the end of the programme, each child gains certificate of achievement and a life-long passion for cycling!



Bikeability is the Cycling Proficiency Test for the 21st Century and is designed to give the next generation of students the skills and confidence to ride their bikes. The government encourages walking and cycling as part of a sustainable transport policy and as a factor for a healthy life.

The Level 1 Bikeability cycle training course is delivered in a traffic-free environment (school playground). The Level 2   course includes on-road tuition. Training will be delivered by accredited National Standard Instructors who have attended a relevant instructor course. On road training is essential and close supervision will be exercised always.

Aspire Sports instructors aim to help every child achieve Level 1 and Level 2 awards. However, safety is priority and if your child is not reaching the National Standard for Level 1 they will NOT be permitted to continue to Level 2. By the end of the course children will encouraged to ride their bikes in a safe manner when they go cycling.