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Sink or Swim!

29th Sep 2020

In year 2 we conducted an experiment to test whether materials can float or sink. We made predictions and then test them out and recorded our findings in a table. The reason for testing was to choose suitable materials which would be perfect for making a boat out of, which is our next challenge. We found out that paper was not a good material to use as it absorbed the water and sank. Some of the children’s responses are below.

“It surprised me that the wood floated because I thought it was going to sink. It was lighter than I thought when I predicted.” Alannah.

“Foam floated because it was light.” Rayaan.

“Metal sinks. Tin foil floats but if it gets water in it will sink.” Emily

We found out that it helps us learn if our predictions aren’t always accurate and the children enjoyed testing these out.