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The Shrubbery School, Sutton Coldfield
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Chair of The Shrubbery School Governing Body Report - April 2018

8th May 2018

Dear Parents / Carers


Chair of The Shrubbery School Governing Body Report – April 2018


Following on from our previous report earlier this year, we wanted to provide all of you with a further update on progress during the last term. The Governing Body is confident that Mrs Atkins and Mrs Duckworth, as the Senior Leadership Team (“SLT”) of the school, are absolutely focused on delivering against last year’s Ofsted report’s recommendations, as are all of the teaching staff. There has been tangible evidence of this, some of which I will touch on below.


Firstly though, it is only right to inform you that our previous Chair, Dickon Taylor, recently resigned his post as other commitments meant he could not devote appropriate time to the role. However, Mrs Atkins has been able to quickly identify another education expert who has extensive experience in working in high-performing schools. We are pleased to report they have confirmed they will be joining the Governing Body from our next meeting in mid-April.

As the previous Vice-Chair, this has meant I have been acting Chair in the interim period. As is appropriate, this position will be revisited at the next Governing Body meeting. We will provide more details as part of our report to you at the end of the summer term.


As we have set out above, there has been significant progress since the last report, the highlights of which are:


  • February 2018 Governing Board meeting – at this meeting, the Governing Board began its work in earnest, finalising our constitution (which clarifies our role and is now published on the school website alongside this report), and working through some of the actions being taken in accordance with the school improvement plan put in place by the SLT in response to the 11 July 2017 Ofsted report, including understanding the performance management of the teaching staff and reviewing the enhanced marking schemes applied to pupils’ books;
  • Ofsted progress monitoring inspection – as a follow-on from the previous inspection report, an Inspector conducted an unannounced review on 13 February 2018 (and the associated report was distributed to all parents on the Friday before it was officially published on 12 March 2018). Having read the report, we hope that you agree that significant progress has been made in a relatively short period of time, reflecting a huge amount of work by both the SLT and the teaching staff.
  • The Governing Body will be looking at this in more detail with the SLT at our next meeting in mid-April 2018.
  • Parent meetings – in response to the Ofsted progress monitoring inspection, the SLT and the Governing Body provided all parents with an opportunity to hear first-hand more detail what the SLT was doing to address the Ofsted recommendations, and how the Governing Body could positively impact this. Thank you to all those who attended on the evening of 13 March 2018. We hope you came away feeling reassured over the ongoing progress being made, and the commitment of all those involved. We intend to continue to hold these periodically as and when is deemed appropriate.


The Spring Term has been a busy term for all involved, but the improvements so far are clearly evidenced. In addition, we should all continue to recognise the academic, sporting and extra-curricular successes the Shrubbery School consistently achieves, many of which are highlighted on the School’s website and social media. Our children love attending the school, and I am convinced it remains a fantastic environment for them to grow and develop.


Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to reporting back on continued progress at the end of the Summer Term.


John Coates

Chair, Shrubbery School Governing Body